After researching the different ways humans have dealt with death throughout history, and their memoirs to their loved ones, it became apparent that our modern culture has grown to become more fearful of the only thing guaranteed in life.
I stumbled across a community of like minded people and collectors of curiosities and oddities, people who not only wanted to talk about death, but who wanted to collect specimens and curiosities and give another life to things that once were. This then started the ever growing collection of bones and oddities of my own.
Whilst struggling to find my feet within my own art, a friend handed me 3 of her teeth and asked me to create a necklace. Excited by the challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to incorporate my two passions, jewellery and oddities. Enamoured by the empowerment of making something beautiful out of a taboo, I decided to pursue a journey to create thought provoking pieces for forward thinking people out of unusual materials.
Drawing heavy inspiration from the Victorian Era of mourning jewellery and Memento Mori, I found solace in working with people to create one of a kind pieces of jewellery that incorporated the teeth of their loved ones. Whether that was to honour a life once lived, to honour their own self-love or to honour a love that continues to grow, being able to be a part of someone’s journey gave me reason to continue this quest.
After working with teeth, I developed a taste for working in unusual materials. Creating something elegant with the macabre was my new obsession. Finding a community of like minded individuals had given me an aspiration to focus on finding a purpose in death and using materials that would otherwise be discarded. It has encouraged me try and turn what I love doing, into a career.
With the dream of erasing the taboo around death and oddities, and the intention to turn morbid curiosities into elegant adornments, I plan to persevere in my ambition to provide quality custom made jewellery and heirlooms for the community of people who share the same understanding about the importance of existence.