Grave Metallum is a contemporary jewellery label founded by Jacqui Williams.
A design course introduced Jacqui Williams to the historical grandeur of jewellery making; since then she has begun using metallurgy to fuse morbid curiosities into elegant adornments.
Jacqui focuses her creativity to make fashionable one of a kind pieces. Whilst we use jewellery to celebrate stages of our own lives, her designs are heavily influenced by taxidermy, the art of celebrating life.
From conception to completion, her collections metamorphosise with the individuality of materials selected. Her work draws inspiration from the Victorian era, Memento Mori, bones, death, tattoo art and heavy metal and rock and roll culture. Each design portrays an emotion, a perspective, an evolution of life.
These collections are a compilation of ideas exploring the use of different materials and techniques to create unique pieces for everyday wear.